Essay about My Goal For My Future Classroom

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Philosophy of Literacy
Literacy was once defined as the ability to read and write, however today is in every aspect of education. Without proper literacy instruction a student might be able to read and write, but he might not know how to properly understand new concepts and engage in advanced reading, writing, speaking, debating and listening. Teaching literacy should be included in Math, Science, History and even Art. For a teacher concepts are invaluable. They are what we teach, however literacy is how we teach it. Instruction must be effective, engaging and balanced. My goal for my future classroom is to prepare students to develop communication skills that can be used in any setting of their lives. Without proper literacy instruction this cannot be possible.
Developing the students to have their own voice is one of my main goals as a teacher. Therefor pairing the students in groups can encourage informal conversation and sharing of ideas. Instruction should include both oral and silent reading. There should be time for individual work, but mostly there should always be time for open discussion. Conversation helps extremely when learning new concepts. Working in groups can also help assess participation and check for understanding of content. As a teacher I want to promote my students to be confident and ask for help without fear.
Writing in the classroom should promote free thinking. Grammar and punctuation should be taught in context and not in isolation. Students need…

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