My Gengram: How To Create A Genograms

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Many times when we ask children to describe their family they tend to mention only their parents and sibling and many attempt to include their grandparents, depending on the relationship they might have. At young ages many children do not understand the meaning of family structure; therefore many schools attempt to ask children to create a Family Tree. As we know a family tree can be described as a “tree” or diagram that shows the structure of a family from different types of generation. Family tree usually attempt to shows less generations than a genogram. As stated by Monica MsGoldrick (1985), genograms are part of the more general process of family assessment… In order to create a genogram there are three levels that we must keep in mind …show more content…
While I was getting ready to start my genogram I was able to realize that there are many information about my family that I did not know. I found myself asking my parents and grandparents from both side for help. Which is something that surprised me because I couldn’t believe that I had no idea of important information such as ages, full names and etc. After I was able to gather as much information as I could from my family, I was finally able to start my genogram. My initial ideas was to start my genogram by including information from grandparents but later on I found myself wanting to include information about my great-grandparents too because it can help me to have a better understanding of different types of issues going on in between my …show more content…
In the case of my grandmother from her family side no one had any type of alcohol problem, but one of her son (my aunt) he seems to enjoy alcohol a little bit more than others. But from my grandfather from my mother side he also had a family member (his brother) who is death due to the abuse of alcohol. Cancer is another family issue that I have been seems after doing the genogram that has been happening from both side of my family. So it seems that even though there are few member who have died due to cancer this is still something that we need to keep in mind. But the alcohol problem seems to be bigger and a big issue from both side of my family. This is something that does scare me. Honestly before I know there were some alcohol problem in between the family from both side but I never pay attention to this because my mother, or father don’t have any issue with alcohol. But now after doing my genogram it did came to my attention that this is a big issue for me because even though my siblings are young it does scare me that one day they will decided to enjoy alcohol as much as some individuals of my family member from both side did or

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