Essay on My Fondest Memories Of My Life

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Growing up writing has always been an important part of my life and for that reason, some of my fondest memories of my childhood were when I would write with my father. He would teach me to write using different genres of writing and in doing so I became a proficient writer. I always enjoyed writing because it was the way that I could illustrate my creativity in words, the way for me to express my ideas, and the way for me to get lost in time doing something I enjoyed. My favorite form of writing was fiction. I was always a fan of writing fiction because I considered myself to be a creative person and my creativity was something I loved to show off in my work.
The truth is I wish everything that I just wrote was true, but it is not. Nobody in my family, including myself, has ever enjoyed writing or has written by free will. I went through school being a substandard writer because I had no interest in writing. I always told people I enjoyed writing because it made me seem smart, but my writing reflected that of a person with an IQ score of 69. I could easily say I hated writing because it was something I have always been forced to do with no ability to apply my own creative touch to my work, but that would have been another lie. I just hated writing because it gave me headaches and it stressed me out.
I never really took writing seriously until I was a sophomore. It was probably because I never really had a teacher that pushed me to write as much as Mrs. Hamilton did. Years…

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