Essay on My First Year Of High School

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When I was in middle school, I thought the work there was extremely easy and it required very little effort to keep up with my classes without really trying at all. So I questioned how it would things turn out when I get into high school. It was obvious that the workload that I would receive would be more than how it was in middle school but there was some changes I knew I had to do when I got into highschool. There was many things I wondered about when I start my high school experience. I wondered how my teachers were going to be like? I wondered how the homework and tests would be like? I wondered how difficult would it be to get straight A’s in all of my classes? But the things I wondered about was better than how I expect my first year of high school to be like. I thought my first year of high school would be quite the struggle but it was quite easy for the most part. I was able to do most of my work on time and turned them in on the due date, and I did fairly well on the tests. There was some projects that I was reluctant to do, but I still did the projects anyways and got a high score. But that was the results I found out through the year, lets start back from the beginning. When the first day of school started, I came to school very early to pick my locker with my friends and get my schedule for my first semester at Milpitas High. It was a smart decision to get there early because you can get the good lockers and find your classes. After I have located the general…

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