My First Year Of Deer Hunting Essay

1188 Words Sep 28th, 2015 5 Pages
It was a brisk fall morning in November. I had woken up extra early just to make sure I could make it out to my stand before the sun would peek above the horizon. I’m not much of a morning person, so waking up can be a difficult challenge for me. Since it was just my first year of deer hunting, my dad had agreed to sit out in the stand with me just incase any trouble came about. I quickly brushed my teeth, got dressed in blaze orange from head to toe, grabbed some snacks, and began the journey out to the stand where I would be sitting for a while. My stand isn’t very far from my house so it’s not too bad of a walk but I do remember it being pretty chilly outside. On our way out I could feel my heart pounding already and I hadn’t even gotten to experience sitting in a stand yet. We were walking on the trail and I looked to my left and could’ve sworn I saw something move. Out of nowhere a deer jumped up about five feet away and booked it in the other direction. Sadly, we couldn’t get a shot because it was still way too dark but it definitely got my adrenaline going. That was the exact moment I knew I was going to love hunting. When we finally got to the stand, I crawled up the ladder and sat down on the seat that my dad had provided for me, anxiously waiting for my time to prove that I really could be a hunter. I set my .270 in the corner and sat there patiently waiting for the sun to rise. Watching the sun rise over the horizon was breathtaking. The sky was a collage of…

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