My First Year Of College Essay

1916 Words Jun 3rd, 2016 null Page
Vivian Dang; the most down-to-earth person I ever knew during my first year of attending college. Looking back this past year, we have become really good friends that cared about each other. She had a burning passion to inspire others and had a daredevil personality to match the intense fire in her heart. She is as selfless as she is destructive—two descriptions that usually does not flow together, but there are no other words to describe her. On one occasion, I would notice that from time to time, Vivian would check up on me and all our friends, amidst the bad blood and drama that boils within our group of friends. Always the one to bounce back quickly and keep the mood light, Vivian was the one who encouraged true and genuine friendship. This is how I knew that she is not only my friend, but she is like my role model, too.
In my freshman year of high school, I first met Vivian through my best friend, Diana, who was Vivian’s cousin. I met Vivian during Sciencepalooza, which was an annual science fair within San Jose that tests the scientific intelligence of our high school freshmen. When Diana introduced me to Vivian, the first thing that caught my eye about her physical appearance was her big, huge glasses being reflected in the sun. She had straight black hair that was tied into a bun with a community service shirt and skinny jeans with a pair of Vans to show off her kicks. Maybe it was because I didn’t really know the girl that well four years ago, but I remember…

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