Personal Narrative Essay About My Suicide

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The Suicide

Hi im mya and this is my story. It's the middle of the year and I just found out that I have to move schools. Mom said they had to move far away from home because of work issues, which doesn't seem fair. Mom, Trevor, and I have to move before monday starts because we have to start school. “Trevor, Mya let's go we're going to be late” mom shouted from outside. And off we go to start a new school and a new life. I'm going to miss my friends but at least we can still text and facetime. A few hours later we arrived at our new house. We unloaded the car and settled in. As monday roles in, its time to go to school. We get ready and eat breakfast as i'm thinking about how my day is really going to go. Mom drops Trever off at his school
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After 30 minutes of searching i finally found it. I texted him that night hoping i could talk to him in school. Even tho i wasn't allowed to like him in my mind i still did. The next day at school in the morning i wanted to talk to him in person, and that is exactly what i did. I walked up to him and started talking and he was really funny in person he made me laugh. Little did i know that Vivian was watching me and alex the whole time. And i knew she was jealous. Before lunch i tried talking to her and she would ignore me. I didn’t know why she would not talk to me but i thought she would at lunch. When it was lunch i went to our table and tried to sit next to Vivian and she wouldn't let me she told me that i was a loser and couldn’t sit with her anymore. I was so confused, and didn’t know where to sit. My stomach hurt so much i throw my food away and ran to the bathroom and cried. I stayed in the bathroom until the end of the day was over, i ran to the car and cried non stop. When we got home i didn’t want to tell my mom because it would interfere with her work so i kept it to myself, so instead i ran to my room and stuffed my head in my pillow and sobbed. About a 20 minutes into crying my computer lit up. I slowly walked up to it and sat down. The message was from an unknow, the message

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