My First Year As A Teacher Essay

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During the Fall I had a terribly low confidence level, as it was only my first year as a dance minor after neglecting outside lessons for almost five years. I was uncertain regarding the combinations, as well as my technique, but tried not to too rely heavily on the more experienced dancers (though I did rely heavily on the barre). I would not perform the moves to the extent of my abilities, for example not fully developing my leg or heightening my rélevé, because I was uncertain that it was correct. However, my low confidence level was someone deserved, as I had little technique training to base my movements off of. I seemed to make many minor mistakes due to shifting my hips and collapsing my back and neck in port des bras, not maintaining support and strength in my core, and allowing my supporting leg to rotate inward, as my turnout was also not as strong as it could have been. Thus, I also relied, to a great extent, on rotating my feet and ankles rather than my entire leg, though I tried hard to do the opposite and rotate from the hips. This may have impacted, or even caused, my problems with center of balance that I was experiencing away from the barre, and I had trouble maintaining form on one supporting leg or in deep pliés in fourth and fifth position. As well as this, my battements, développés, arabesques, and rond de jambes en l’air were also too low, and I was unable to lift most to at least a 90˚ angle. This weakness of my legs also contributed to my lack of…

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