My First Trip At Los Angeles, San Francisco And Santa Cruse Essay

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June 14th I came to my aunt house for my vocations. I visited many places here, like Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Santa Cruse. We enjoyed a lot. First we went to Los Angeles that was my first road trip in US. I think road trip is a best way to any where, that 's so fun, the view of greenish hills and blue sky was so good. I also get to know the traffic rules here, which really strict and different from my home country. So people drive carefully so that they don 't miss any rule. I think traffic rules should be strict that 's how we get free way to go anywhere. So finally in Las Angles we went to different places. Las Angles is more crowed then Pleasanton. People like to do party, may be that 's why that place has so much fun. The best place to visit in Las Angles is "Disneyland" which is a big theme park. It was 60th celebration of Disneyland when we went there so they have some special arrangement. They hang a board saying 60th celebration Disneyland in pretty blue in color. The lines are so big for the rides and sun shine was so hot but after then everyone waiting for their turn patiently. I like people who were putting the badges on their shirts saying "Its my birthday". In Disneyland there were lots of rides but I like the night show and fireworks which specially arranged for 60th celebration.

San Diego! The best places i so far visited. It has great view, sunshine and weather of course. We can easily see the white fast moving clouds. A bright sunny day…

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