What Is An Extraordinary Vacation

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An extraordinary vacation

In vacations I usually go with my parents but sometimes it is not that great because they do not want to do the same things as me and it can make it hard to have fun when you are being forced to go places. If I went on a vacation that I planned and went with friends and not family it might just be more enjoyable. For one there would be less arguments and differences of opinion because me and my friends are basically the same age and like a lot of the same things. A lot of the time I really like going with my parents but it can get boring because of our difference in age and in basically everything. With my parents it can get old to go to stores and rides with
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A place I have always wanted to go with people that I know well and have fun with would be Atlantis resort in the Bahamas. I would like to go around July because Atlantis is a great waterpark and resort that has everything. The rides are amazing they are big and scary and their is one that goes in to a shark tank and it looks awesome. Atlantis is also great because the hotel is so beautiful. They have great food and it all so tropical. Their you can also swim with dolphins and pet sea lions. In the resort there is an aquarium everywhere with giant manta ray's. They also have stores and a lot of other things to do. If me and my friends came here we would be here about a week and then go to orlando …show more content…
We would have a lot of fun there and do everything and the next day we would go to hollywood but first we would stop at crackelbarrell that is kind of like ihop but looks like it was from the 50's and sells really cool stuff at the gift shop. In hollywood studios one can miss the star wars simulator which is my favorite ride. With my parents they would never go on the tower of terror so if I go with my friends I could finally get on it. On Saturday we would eat breakfast and then go to magic kingdom that is the most magical of all the parks and the one with the best stores and candy. Its all delicious and they have candy apples, popcorn, funnel cakes, and many others. Then Sunday it would be enjoyable to go to Animal kingdom. Here it is mandatory getting on the safari where there all kinds of different animals and going to mount everest that is one of the biggest rides in

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