My First Task At The White House Initiative On Asian Americans And Pacific Islanders

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From September 12 to December 9, 2016, I had the opportunity to work as a Communications & Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs intern at the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (referred to as WHIAAPI or Initiative). The following exit memorandum delineates my accomplishments at the Initiative, recommendations for the Initiative moving forward, and final reflections.

Communications & Engagement (CE)
1. Updating the social media calendar on WHIAAPI Central: My first task at the Initiative consisted of incorporating elements from the Sons and Brothers social media plan to the Initiative’s social media calendar. The social media calendar now has separate columns for draft and final content for Twitter, and draft and final content for Instagram and Facebook, allowing for a more streamlined glance at all social media posts for the day.

2. Compiling and sending biweekly media clips: Every Tuesday and Thursday, I was responsible for collecting headlines via Inoreader and Google News that were relevant to the AAPI community and the Initiative’s work. The media clips were formatted in a Word document and sent to over 200 subscribers, including the entire WHIAAPI staff, commissioners, and the interagency working group.

3. #WHIAAPILegacy social media campaign: I contributed to the #WHIAAPILegacy social media campaign, which commemorates the Initiative’s accomplishments during the Obama administration, by drafting and posting over…

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