My First Interaction With A Patient Essay

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My first interaction with a patient was when I volunteered at Med Globe clinic, a general practice in Atlanta known for its population of lower socioeconomic patients. I walked in and saw old equipment, no electronic records, one doctor, and a few nurses—but a large number of people in need of care. The first patient I met was a 6-year-old girl who was a Spanish-speaking native. Smiling down at her curious face, I tried to see myself through her eyes. Did I seem friendly? Did she trust me? Her subsequent smile told me that she felt comfortable. Not surprisingly, within a matter of seconds, a prick of her plump little finger caused her smile to transform into a fit of cries. As I interacted with more patients, I started to pick up on small, non-verbal cues, adjusting my approach to establish rapport and make them comfortable. In this process, I realized that I enjoyed learning about each patient’s life and building a trusting relationship that, I believed, helped patients in the process of overcoming pain and despair. After an 8-hour day of volunteering, rather than feeling fatigued, I felt inspired to explore a career in medicine.

Stemming from this experience, my pursuit of medicine and desire to learn more about the basic sciences led me to doing research in a biochemistry lab the summer following my freshman year. While working in the lab, I examined the interactions between bacterial ribosomal RNA Domain III and various macromolecules, investigating its effects on the…

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