My First Day On Fice Of The Bank Essay

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It’s my first day on the job I have just been promoted to a detective. We were called in to a case where a banker and his clerk were found dead in the office of the bank. We needed to get the security guards to open the doors to the office, it was were records and client files were held so the security procedures were tight. As soon as I entered the room it was obvious something had happened there were papers everywhere and furniture knocked over.
“So Morton what do you think happened here? A fresh pair of eyes could help an old geyser like me,” Draven my new partner greeted me as he noticed my presence.
“I don’t really know but one things pretty clear there was a struggle,” I just stated the absolute obvious what a great way to start my career.
“Well yes but what else can you see? Take a second look around the room a little more closely as you go through,” Draven was encouraging me to actually look in the room instead of a first glance impression, so I turn and look at the banker in the corner he has dark bruises around his neck. I look over to the filing cabinets where the bank clerk was leaning back against in a lifeless lump he had no obvious bruising or abrasions.
“The Banker was strangled and I’m not quite sure how the clerk died,” I said in hopes that I would be able to get a better idea when we get the coroner’s report. “I’m sure the clerk just died of a heart attack after he strangled the banker,” Draven brushed off with certainty, but I wasn’t so sure.

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