Essay about My First Day Of Summer School

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My first day of summer school my freshman year my math teacher explained in a unique way of what my odds were after telling him I wanted to be a professional athlete. He said, “Imagine this class room and all the walls covered in quarters from top to bottom and chose one quarter off of the wall out of all the quarters. Out of all these quarters this is your chances of becoming a professional athlete”. At the time I did not understand what he was saying still have the mind set of I was going to chase this dream until I made it come to fruition. Socially this is what I knew and had become accustomed to seeing and believe because those before me told me this was the way to be successful in life. Aspects that surround the social life of young African American men in America varies throughout. It can be from the way they tend to be more athletic than other races in sports which seems to be the conclusion many people have come to or the way it is harder for them to succeed in American than any other race. It has become a common occurrence in which we celebrate when a person in our race that achieves a goal such as being accepted into an Ivy League institution. In other races it is not celebrated and it is just the norm of what should happen instead of it being something that occurs once in every one hundred African American men. The aspect of my social life I would like to study would be the reasons behind the lack of success of African American men in other parts of life other…

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