My First Day Of Senior Year Essay

735 Words Apr 13th, 2015 3 Pages
As I entered my first day of senior year in high school, I could not help but imagine what my life would be like in just a year’s time. After visiting a few colleges over the summer and planning trips to visit one or two more in the coming weeks, I thought I had a general idea of where I would end up. However, I made sure to keep my options and possibilities open. Since I really did not have much idea as to what I wanted to major in, I saw attending college as an opportunity for growth. Ultimately, I was seeking an environment where people would recognize my strong work ethic and provide me with opportunities to challenge myself. What attracted me to attend Felician College was the fact that the faculty and administration seemed to already see my potential before I even enrolled into the school. For instance, head cross-country coach John Brennan saw the hard work I put in as a high school cross-country athlete and had told me that I could have an immediate impact on the team. Additionally, I was invited to join the Honors Program where I would be among the school’s brightest students. After meticulously weighing my options, I realized that Felician College would be the most ideal place for me to chase my goals. Sure enough, I could not have been more right. These past four semesters I’ve spent at Felician College have given me the opportunity to see just how far I’m willing to go to be successful. During my sophomore cross-country season, I was voted…

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