My First Day Of College Essay

834 Words Oct 22nd, 2015 4 Pages
Annique Walters

“There’s nothing in life like finally being legal.” All my life I had been waiting for this magical day where I would finally turn 18. They say that turning 18 is the biggest turning point in your life but my experience tells me everything stays exactly the same. I thought that turning 18 would been so much more freedom. In reality it actually turned into less freedom and ten times more responsibility. Turning 18 literally feels like I’m in a tug of war. My parents still have this mindset that if I’m living in their house then its their rules. At the same time, they say that I am an adult and I should help out more.

They say once your turn 18 you will start meeting new people who will help change your life. Since my 18th birthday I’ve been waiting to meet these magical people who are going to change my life. Starting my first day of college I was so excited looking for that person in every one of my classes who would change my life. After my second week of school I gave up on that. In my head I thought turning 18 would mean I could finally go out without a curfew, not explain everywhere I was going, be able to take the car without asking, and actually be an adult. What I didn’t think it meant was being responsible for every action that was made. This is still mind mindboggling to me because once you turn 18 the world automatically puts this pressure on you, that you must decide what you’ll be doing the rest of your life. Many people have the idea…

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