My First Day Of College Essay

1156 Words Dec 13th, 2016 5 Pages
I was hiding behind a big bush with my full gear, face covered, trying to avoid the hot air flow of the desert. It was over a hundred degrees outside, the heat and dryness out there kept slapping my face. We started to move and head to the vehicle. I bet the feeling of driving a heavy-duty military truck through a massive desert one can only experience as a soldier. We arrived at our training base. I opened the door to step outside. That moment when the door was opened, the wind blew on my face. It was not the heat and the dryness anymore. It was the freezing air flow of Missouri at the end of October. The cold brought me back to the reality. The training time in the desert was over; I was no longer in the middle of the California. I was here on my first day of college, the day my new educational journey started.
I finished up my dinner quickly, then headed to the building in my uniform, which I was not supposed to wear after work due to the regulations, but this time might be an exception. It was a busy Tuesday for me at work, but fortunately, I made it to class on time. The building was like a little maze to me. It took me a while to find the right room. It would not have been that bad if I had got in at the other door. I entered the room and quickly picked the seat at the back of the room. People said that students chose to sit in the back to avoid contact with the professor and to be passive, but it did not work for me that way. It gave me a wider view of what was…

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