My First Day Of Class Essay

1438 Words Sep 19th, 2016 6 Pages
It was the first day of class at SMU and I arrived to my first writing course twenty minutes early with a backpack full of brand new school supplies ready to take my freshman year by storm! I was prepared for this new chapter of my life that would be filled with taking endless notes, reading innumerable pages, and studying countless hours at the library until the information was implanted into my brain. I would ask myself, “It’s just that simple, right? If I go to class and follow instructions, I will become educated, won’t I?” That was until I was introduced to Thomas Jones’s essay, “The Educated Person” and what I once believed to be true about college education was thrown out the window. So what qualifies somebody as an educated person and why should anyone care about becoming one? According to Thomas Jones, becoming an educated person means more than wandering from class-to-class for a few years on the road to a college degree. Becoming an educated person is a practice that we take part of throughout your entire life and is a constant cycle of “learning, study, reflection, experience, and action.” (Jones 78) Now that we know what an educated person does, why should we care? We can find something meaningful to learn in every situation that presents itself, whether it be moving to a new city and meeting new people or electing to take a class that sounds interesting and is not strictly for a planned major. By taking advantage of opportunities to better…

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