My First Day Of Class Essay

1094 Words Nov 19th, 2015 5 Pages
1. On the first day of class, the Prof Khan gave us write a diagnostic essay to see where we stood from a writing point. Next, we gave all gave a small introduction of ourselves. Furthermore, we had a small debate about Donald Trump. In the debate we questioned Trump’s motives while running for president. After the discussing about Trump, Prof Khan gave us a sheet on “Thinking and Writing”. On that sheet it had this written on it “How to say something worth saying about something worth saying something about”. Khan asked around the class what we think this quote meant to us.
2. Next, we learned about what an essay is. Essay means “to try”. After learning what an essay meant, we moved on to the three major components of an essay. I learned what the three major components of the essay are the introduction, body paragraph and, conclusion. In class, Prof Khan was teaching us how to construct an introductory paragraph which includes a hook, transition sentence, and a thesis with a plan of development. A hook will be used to start off your essay, which is used to catch the reader’s attention so they can be engaged in your work. In class Prof Khan, explained to us the six types of a hook that are personal examples, quotations, facts or statistics, rhetorical questions, current events, and contrast to the thesis sentence. After, writing a hook, I learned that a transitional sentence is needed. The transitional sentence is a clear bridge between the hook and the thesis…

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