My First Day For A Nurse Essay

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For all of week one I had been with the four different nurse, they all are senior nurses and I thoroughly enjoy all the teaching style, manner with patients and respect their nursing skills. All preceptors had a busy day planned and I was excited to see what it will bring. I knew one of the patients we were going to see first off; I have seen her on my first day. She requires daily dressing changed. From previous visit I was able to reassure the preceptor that I knew what Anne’s* wound dressing requirements are. My preceptor was willing to take my words for some extend, which I can understand because everyone has their own set routine etc., which my first day preceptor had told me.
At the house we see Anne* who is sitting awaiting our arrival. Anne understands her leg dressing technique very well, as she has been having it from May 2015. Anne likes her right leg to be cleaned in shower and to use clean gauze. Not to rub gauze all over. She likes her shin cleaned first and then foot with different gauze. Than to clean her remaining leg. She is very particular about cleaning. She has been complaining about District Nurses not cleaning wound properly and therefore it got infected and she ended up in hospital. She gets very frustrated when new nurses goes for her dressing change and she has to teach them everything. Mary* replied “that it does not matter how we cleaned”. At that point I looked at Anne and she had a worried look on her face mainly because of the fear of wound…

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