My First Day Attending Preschool Essay

1812 Words Dec 1st, 2015 null Page
I still can recall my first day attending preschool. I got out of the car and clenched on to my mother’s hand tighter than I ever had before. When we got inside the building, the teachers were so jolly, assuring that I would love preschool and that the day would be a great day. Finally, I stopped wailing, let go of my mother’s hand and went to join the rest of the kids on the alphabet rug. I sat on the letter “A” because I remembered how my mom taught me that my name was Ashley and that it started with the letter “A”. Throughout the day, we learned our ABC’s (alphabet), which I already knew, 123’s (numbers), neat little songs about how to tie our shoes and even went outside to play on the playground. The teachers were right after all, I really did love preschool. Unfortunately, many American children are deprived of the preschool experience because of funding issues or simply because parents feel that preschool is a waste of time and that the child will start school when mandated at the age of five, entering kindergarten. Other parents argue that their child/children are deprived of early learning because they lack the necessary resources to educate their child/children or parents lack the knowledge of how to use those resources properly to educate their children. However, many parents are unaware that the same skills that their children would learn in preschool could be taught in the comforts of their own home. Children should not be deprived of the early learning…

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