My First Day At The Boutique Essay

1598 Words May 30th, 2016 null Page
It’s been two weeks since I got shot. I’ve been keeping my distance from Tyrek. I don’t want to make things worse between him and Marcus. It’s very obvious that they aren’t rocking with each other right now and I’m the reason why. Today is my first day going back to the boutique. Once I arrived at the first store, everybody was so happy to see me. My assistant manager had a bouquet of flowers waiting for me on my desk. Once I entered my office, that wasn’t the only thing waiting for me. As soon as I saw Tyrek, I limped over to him with opened arms. He hugged me back, following with a kiss. I quickly disconnect, and then he apologized for his action. I paused briefly as I looked directly in his eyes. In his eyes, I saw so much love and passion. Next, I planted a soft kiss on his lips. I wrapped my arms around his neck, as we continued to kiss. A few minutes later, I pushed back and said, “What are we doing?” “We were kissing until you stopped.” “I’m serious Tyrek. You know this is wrong.” “Then why did you kiss me?” “Because…” “Because you love me and not Marcus.” “That’s not true. I love the both of you.” After he heard that, he stepped back and started smiling. “Why are you smiling,” I asked. “You finally admitted it.” “Whateva.” “You can whateva me all you want. You finally saying it is enough for me.” “Anyways, what you up to today?” “Nothing, I wanted to see you.” “Aww ain’t you sweet.” After spending a few hours with Tyrek, I…

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