Essay about My First Car - Original Writing

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Before a young person can take your Driver’s Test they must know how to do the following my father would tell me: Change the oil and oil filter, Replace the Spark Plugs & Wires, Change & Rotate you tires, Replace the lights (head, signal, fog, brake), change the air and gas filters, they must know how much fluid is to be in brake cylinder and how to adjust the brakes as well as how to changes them and so much more. My first car was a 1977 two-tone blue Malibu-Classic, with a rag top that was shredded and faded, the right front fender was pale yellow, I had raised white wall letter tires and chrome rims. The motor was a 357 short block with four-barrel carbonator, the headers was bored out and where so shiny they were like a mirror from the chrome being polished, the dip stick for both the oil & transmission was shiny Chrome and several other motor features was also chrome that shined like a new dime off the pressed. I had glass pack mufflers that was so loud that they would rattle my windows off track. There was nothing electric about this car it was all manual and every bit of hard core American muscle, it was built for racing, and that is what I did. There was a lot that my father taught me before I took my driver’s test at the tender age of 13-year-old, but the most important was; all about the responsibilities of driving and owing a car.
I first learned to drive a four speed on the tree (column), it was my dad’s 1966 Chevy Army Green truck, I also learned how to…

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