My Field Of Occupational Therapy Essay

1947 Words Dec 6th, 2015 8 Pages
My Strengths As I reflect on myself, I have noticed that I already contain many strengths and tools that I need to be successful. I already have immense knowledge of the patience it takes to work with young children, in addition to experience in the occupational therapy field. Similarly, I have tried to get as much on hand experience as possible throughout my life, and strive to learn and understand everything possible about my chosen field of study. I understand that entering a helping profession can be time consuming in addition to being mentally, and emotionally challenging, and my dedication to teaching others will allow me to thrive in my chosen field of occupational therapy. I have realized that after my first semester at college I have made leaps and bounds in many aspects of my life and my awareness of my strengths had largely increased. Foremost, I believe that I have been able to increase my awareness and concern for social problems making me better armed to deal with those around me. By noticing the problems the world around me faces, I will be better able to adjust my methods of practice to fit the needs of those around me. Additionally, while I have always had an open and positive attitude towards diverse cultures and backgrounds, as well as, differing ideas and values. However, the increased level of exposure that the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire has provided me has increased my confidence in the way I deal with situations like this. In turn, this has…

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