My Field Of Interest On Higher Education Essay

1182 Words Mar 14th, 2016 null Page
My field of interest in higher education is the Office of Student Engagement particularly in offices involving advising, student support and academic achievement. Academic advising is an essential tool needed in order to establish a strong foundation for student’s development. Furthermore it helps students reach their educational and career goals. Higher education institutions provide academic advising to their students to help them remain on track for graduation. However, many students have not found the resources provided beneficial to their academic achievements. The office of academic advising encounters many barriers that create challenges for students. Some of the most discouraging barriers are limited amount of academic advisors, availability to meet with the advisor, and lastly advisors are not receiving yearly development trainings programs. The limited number of academic advisors can cause negative impacts on student’s academic achievement because it prevents students from meeting with their advisor often. Having a limited number of advisors in a higher education institution with a large student population results in large caseload per advisor. It is beneficial for students to meet with their advisor at the beginning of each semester. This helps students confirm the courses they are taking are pushing them towards graduation. Advisors are unable to meet with 500 or more students during the beginning of each semester. This conflict could cause student to…

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