Essay My Favorite Tv Show - Original Writing

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I’m cleaning out the dishwasher on a sunny Sunday morning talking to my mom and dad who are sitting on the couch half interested in the tv that is playing their new favorite tv show. When a loud duck quacking sound coming from the coffee table in front of them, my dad’s phone ringing.
“Who’s calling?” My mom ask him.
He picks up his phone and checks the caller ID the caller ID read Danny, “ Oh!,” he exclaims, with a disgruntled face, “ I’m not talking to that asshole.”
“Bobby!” She yells angered at him, “ You need to be nice to your brother, no matter what he’s done!”
“Not to him.”
Five minutes go by, I sit down on the chair adjacent to the couch. When Dad’s phone rings again. This time it’s his youngest brother, Matt, called him and he answers almost immediately.
“Hey man! Why is our fata---” He gets cut off by my uncle talking frantically on the phone, I knew it wasn 't good news because my dad 's face went from a joking manner to a frantic and sad look.
“Josh go grab my shoes. Matt, I’m on my way.” He says running to find a shirt.
Mom runs after Dad to their bedroom, she finally catches up to him and ask him what 's wrong. He muttered something to her just loud enough to hear the word “Papa” and a look of shock on my mom 's face as he finished what he was saying as she tells us to hurry and get dressed and get in the car.
My dad runs past me but didn 't answer me when i asked him what 's going on.Shrugging away the fact that he ignored me, I ran to go get…

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