My Favorite School Of Animals Essay

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From watching old videos and listening to my mother’s stories, I realized education would always be a big part of my life. Being a young one, I was always eager to learn, but I was also eager to teach. I would set up all my stuffed animals in little chairs and pretend I am teaching my own class. Let’s say I called it “The School of Animals”. I would make up my own lesson plans, pretend to take attendance, and actually teach the animals. My mother did not enjoy me writing on the mirrors, imagining it to be a dry erase board. As soon as my parents were eligible to put me into preschool they did for fulltime. I was so excited to go every day. In my distract, our school started at Kindergarten and went all the way to either grade. I enjoyed being able to get familiarized with my school more and more each year. It helped me get comfortable with the staff and the area. My favorite grades were first and third. I adored my teachers and everything they taught me but I also enjoyed the grade and the information you were supposed to learn. Later you will learn how these classes influenced my current education. By six grade you were switching classes and having different students every day to interact with. This stayed the same all the way up to eighth grade. Throughout these eight years, I was always an “A” “B” student. Both my parents worked full time so I had before care and aftercare programs while in middle school. These programs really helped me get into a rhythm of getting my…

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