My Favorite Quotes About Family Essay

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One of my favorite quotes about family is “You don 't choose your family. They are God 's gift to you, as you are to them.” (Desmond Tutu) It states that you don’t get to choose the family you get , especially when you get brothers that are annoying and can get on your nerves. I have to learned how to appreciate and be thankful for what 's given for a family. The sacrifices that my family and I have taken and the long wait to the path of there being a better chance to anything but success to being able to make my parents feel so proud of what I do and the hard work it takes just to do something that can be able to motivate someone. I have great aspirations and in order to get there I will do whatever it takes to do what I love and work to help my parents. I want to show them that I’m thankful because they are both hardworking just to help make ends meet.
Ventura Gallo my great grandfather who was known for having a awesome name was a security for a cemetery and his job was to take care of the land from people entering it. He would be awake from 10 pm to 7 am in the morning. To people’s eyes what my great grandfather did was extreme and weird but he did that just to provide food to his family. My great grandma was a housewife and she took care of my grandpa and his brothers. The money he earned led to one of the greatest migrations from my family is them moving from New York to Mexico and having the “Gallo Family” moved locations. My grandfather Juan Gallo was from a…

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