My Favorite Person At The World Is My Best Friend Essay

1405 Words Dec 10th, 2015 6 Pages
If you ask me who my favorite person in the world is, I’ll always answer Juliet Mercado. My younger sister was born two years after me and she will always be my best friend. She’s basically a younger and female version of myself. When people first meet us, they always ask if we’re twins. I don’t know if it’s because she looks older than she is or because we communicate in such a fluent way. It’s kind of like those movies where the twins can talk just by looking at each other. But, Julie is so much smarter and works so much harder than I do. I don’t really like to let her know that or tell other people, but it’s true. I’ve had so many people tell me it was odd how close we were. Our relationship doesn’t come off as the stereotypical brother and sister who constantly bicker and honestly, it never was. We’ve always been best friends. Julie and I would spend almost every day together. We have stupid inside jokes and I can bring her to tears of laughter with a single look. We go to each other for advice, help, and just to talk. I think the reason we’re so close is because we had to hold onto each other while growing up. Our parents split early, probably when I was around three or four. I’m happy that it happened while we were young, especially for my sister. We can’t remember what it’s like growing up with just two parents and all of our stuff in one place. What it’s like to have both parents love each other. To have one Thanksgiving. One Christmas. One birthday... Julie and…

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