My Father 's Side Of The Family Essays

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1. My father’s side of the family spent many years in Montreal, Quebec. Further on in the tree, we see some roots trace back to Ireland where my great-great-great grandfather lived. On my mother’s side, my family made education a large priority. My ancestors would migrate to areas of Mexico where the education was the strongest. As more families began forming, and new forms of transportation were developed, my ancestors settled in the heart of Mexico. I enjoy the reactions of my pears when I tell them I have Mexican and Irish roots.
2. As it was stated earlier, my ancestors on my father’s side migrated to Canada from Ireland. My grandmother told me that there were a couple of factors which caused them to migrate to Canada. One of which was the opportunity that was available to work. My great-great-great grandfather was offered a job on Canada. He and his family were part of the lower-class in Ireland and their hope was to increase their financial state in Canada. The idea of starting a new adventure in a whole new country also intrigued him. My mother’s side has a different story. As far as we could trace back, my mother’s side has been in Mexico. My family would migrate to different areas of the country where the education was the best. They made sure that their kids had the required and most efficient education in order them to help their families in the workforce. They also traveled to areas of the country where women had more privileges in terms of jobs and…

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