Essay on My Father 's Mask By Joe Hill

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The short story “My Father’s Mask by Joe Hill will leave your brain clueless, muddled and disturbed. The events that occur with the chubby boy in night-gown, the playing card people and the two kids in the forest will have you wondering where they fit in place of the narrative. It also raises an eyebrow to question the fixation the parents have with masks and the significance of it. However with such perplexity while reading and analyzing the story as a few question has arisen for me to ask; the first question is why is the dad acting weird around his wife? The second question is who the two children in the forest are and my last question is why does Jack put his father 's mask on? With these questions, I will give you answers and other variation to the answer.

At the beginning of the mom and dad are telling a story and the dad said something in a perverted way and the mom pretends to zip his mouth like it was a zipper and says ““you let me tell it” she said “I forbid you to talk anymore”” (Hill). This is going to foreshadow why the dad acts a certain way when speaking to the son. The scene that scenes the shows his dad acting weird is when he was having a conversation by the window. Jack tells his dad he is heading to the forest to get some wood and you can tell right away that his father wanted to go but couldn 't for some reason (Hill). His father states “It’s funny. As soon as you leave, this place you forget how--pure it is” (Hill). And He also states “You…

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