Essay about My Father And My Dad

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After my mom passed away three years ago because of a car crash my dad and I decided to move to San Mateo, California. Everything was new to my father and I, but we had to find a way to move on, moving from Michigan to California was a huge difference. In San Mateo the beach is right across our house; everyday is as bright and sunny as the last, in Michigan everyday was like winter. Well, in just one week I’ll be starting school at San Mateo Mountain High School. New kid, at a new school with no friends, great this was going to be fun.
I went into the house and my dad was just finishing up unpacking the last box. This house was much smaller than the one we had back in Michigan. But it was big enough for me and my dad, we didn’t care, especially because the beach was right outside the front door, and I’m not much of an indoor person anyways.
We haven’t met our neighbors yet, and my dad insisted that we should go introduce ourselves. Instead I went out for a walk down the beach for the first time before going back inside and heading to bed. Tomorrow is the big day, first day of school I thought to myself.
Mornings, who likes mornings? Not me! Getting to wake up at 7:00 so you won 't be late for the bus and packing your lunch, making sure you have everything. Very fun to do 5 times a week. Well the bus is suppose to be here by now, the paper said 8:00 and its 8:20 school starts in 25 minutes. Well at least it 's not just me, another guy and two girls are waiting too, but…

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