Essay about My Family Values And Values

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All individuals have their own core values but many share values with their family. Most values are taught through natural and logical consequences. Core values my family lives by are honestly, forgiveness, strong work ethic and not judging people based on their appearances or background. Our values are extremely similar to American mainstream values. We did not grow up with different cultures influences. My father is part Mexican and he grew up in a Mexican culture in America but he was taught he needed to down play his heritage. My father would tell us stories of his childhood. He would mention how some of the children picked on him because he could not speak English well and his skin color was darker than theirs. Through learning this, my brothers and I have learned to never judge people based on their appearances. When I learned my father was bullied just because of his heritage I was outraged. Now I make it appoint to make sure no one is treated differently because of his or her appearance. I also think it is extremely important to pass on this core value to the next generation, especially now with how multicultural the U.S. is becoming.
When I was growing up I was considered a “tomboy” because I liked sports and I liked to wear baggy clothes. I do believe this has a lot to do with growing up with two older brothers and no sisters. Now looking back I wanted to fit in with my brothers and they always played sports. I did grow to like sports and I did enjoy…

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