My Family Hiking And Sight Essay

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I was born on November 1st, 1998, in Vienna, Virginia. I was the third child in my family, with two older sisters, Catriona and Mariana. I’ve been told lots of stories about Virginia, but I don’t remember any of them. I’ve also been told that almost as soon as I started walking at seven months, I started jumping off furniture. I guess I thought that if I could move from lying on my back to crawling to walking, I might as well try flying. I also spent some playing with other boys my age, but, again, my only memories of them come from later encounters. I’ve seen pictures of my family hiking and sight seeing in Virginia and Washington D.C., and we still do lots of day trips like that today. After a while, my parents decided that Colorado, where they had grown up, was actually a pretty nice place to live. My dad found a good looking job in Colorado, and in April of 2001, we moved there.

When we moved to Colorado, my parents planned to rent a house for a few months while we got settled, and then buy a house. The house they chose to rent was owned by a very nice couple, but I’m sure we tested their kindness at times. Our landlord grew up in Georgia, had a Southern accent, and always seemed relaxed and content. Our landlady grew up in England, was also happy but much more energetic, and loved to garden. They lived on the other side of the block and shared their back fence with us. In December of 2001, my younger sister, Ceara, was born. I probably spent a while trying to make…

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