My Family And Family Groups In A Family

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Family Groups

Oddly enough my own side of the extended family, I would consider to be both a secondary group and my out-group. First of all, the vast majority of them have passed away. My mother and father are gone, as well as my beloved grandfather, and the only cousins in my family that I ever wished to associate with. Secondly, the remaining family members are volatile and have a negative impact on my life and my children’s lives, hence why I choose to keep them as far away as possible. They are overtly religious, and they use it to be cruel. For example, if you believe anything different than they do, they happily tell you to enjoy your trip to hell. My in-group within my family life is both my immediate family and my husband’s family.
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I have become a much more responsible and confident person since the last time I was in college, yet I sill experience some alienation and insecurity about my age. Sometimes I feel as though I am trying to live in two different worlds. I go to college, where for most of the students, their biggest responsibility is waking up in time for class and then I go home to four children, a husband and a home that needs me to keep it together. At first there didn’t seem to be a place for me there. I was too old, too professional to really relate to the students. The number of times I was mistaken for a professor is embarrassing. The professors welcomed me into their world, but there was such a divide on education that I feel very outside of their world as well. I just couldn’t find my space. Then I walked into the Adult Learner’s Resource room and I knew that this was a place I could relax. These were students that knew exactly what I was feeling. We could all relate to one another and give comfort and motivation to push through it. They quickly became my in-group, and I started noticing the other adult students in some of my classes and we were able to become friends. I started this new college experience unsure of whether I could find a place and only seeing the differences between the students and myself to starting to spot similarities and learning to ignore some of the immaturity that comes with being a young college student. My in-group, the adult learners, really helped to alter my view of not only the college as a whole but

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