Family Communication Patterns

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Oftentimes when we think of family, the first thing that comes to mind is those who are related by blood and those who hold close relationships with us. Within the context of this paper, you will learn how my family systems are defined and the ties with one another. To further illustrate the complexity of a family unit, a genogram has been provided. Genograms contain an array of information, including family intergenerational behavior patterns, conflicts, and alliances. The purpose of the genogram is not to determine how individuals are related to one another, but to rather demonstrates any historical content experiences within the family. While gazing at my genogram, one can determine that my family is quite small, but maintain very tight …show more content…
The research conducted on Family Communications Patterns (FCP), suggest there are two types of dimensions; conversation orientation and conformity orientation. Conversation orientations refers to how open the communication lines are between a family, while conformity orientation refers to the obedience given the parental authority and conflict avoidance (Keating, Russell, Cornachonnie, & Smith, 2013). Our family appears to be a combination of both types of dimensions. Considering that our entire extended family reside in another country and we are a minute family, the communication among ourselves has inclined us to be more open about our feelings when expressing our beliefs and opinions. To further avoid conflicts, we regularly seek our parents advice on major issues related to one’s health, relationships, and other topics that may affect our personal lives. We have grown in a familiar environment, which has helped developed how well difficult topics are explored and how we tend to manage our opinions and feelings towards each other. Because of the animosity that often occurs in families with divorced parents, we have chosen to acquired a tradition that sets us apart from many families. During every major holiday, my parents and their significant other gather to celebrate, this include …show more content…
While gazing at my genogram, I concluded that single parent families has existed since the first generation mentioned, who was my maternal grandmother. She was married then divorced my grandfather, whom I never had the opportunity to meet. Even though my parents remarried, both, mom and dad went through a phase of raising their children on their own. During infancy I lived in Mexico with only and all through my adolescence I lived in the United States with my dad. It appears that the single family is a trend among our family, first, my grandmother raise her children on her own. Then, both of my parents went on to following the same path to raise us in single parent homes. Years later my siblings and myself have mirrored our grandmother’s and parents behavior by raising our children in single parent homes. Even though we were all married to our children’s father/mother. I can’t determine as to why any of us were not able to maintain our marriages afloat. According to the Women’s Legal Defense and Education fund (2014), 28% of children in the United States will likely spend half of their life living in a single parent family, which clearly describes my grandparents, parents, and siblings. This theme brings me back to what I am encountering at my internship. Many of our students

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