My Experience With My Life Essay

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Since I was a young child, I have always had a fascination with all things related to cooking and interesting foods. I cannot remember a time when my Father was not in the kitchen cooking. He has always been my main influence in the kitchen due to his will to try new foods and recipes on a weekly basis. My Mother never knew how to cook, so this is a common ground where my Father and I have always bonded upon. Luckily I was given his gene of cooking that has made me able to prosper in the kitchen, unlike my Mother. However, back in Cleveland I was able to cook for myself every day. I never had to cook for myself, but I wanted to. Cooking for myself made me feel free, independent, and mostly proud of what I was able to create with my mind and my hands. Although, I was nervous for college because what would happen if I would lose my creativity due to the lack of a full kitchen and fresh produce? College is a time for me to learn, explore, and try new things, though, I do not want to try new things in the context of what I was eating, I did not want to lose all of my skills that I have worked on for years. I don 't want the burns on my hands and the scars on my fingers to be there in vain. I just wanted to eat food that is not frozen and that is made with love and integrity and that was not processed or artificially preserved. In spite of my fear, I was finally able to find a club that was not only local, but also was able to make me experience a little piece of home. This…

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