Essay My Experience Of My Competitive Public Speaking Career

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As I stared into the blinding spotlight, about to recite the paragraph that I had ingrained in my memory, I began to recall the beginning of my journey, and the ascent of my competitive public speaking career.

The bus was humid and muggy as I hunched over the “cheat sheet” Mr. Garner had given me to memorize a month before. However, being the mindful person I am, I decided to start the memorization process the night before. I poured over the paragraph I had been allocated over and over, until I had a shaky assurance that I could complete the task at hand.

The bus screeched to a stop, at the weathered school I called my own. As I trudged to first period my mind was tediously going over the presentation that I had scratched into my mind over, and over again.

As I arrived in the classroom, Mr. Garner said expectantly," OCC (Opening and Closing Ceremonies) take your officer positions."

I shuffled to my station at the back of the room, gazing into the eyes of the president, as my heart beat began to rise. Suddenly, I became distant. I watched the other speakers move their mouths, but their words didn 't register. Finally, my time had come, as the student advisor looked my way and mouthed the words, “Why do you keep a plow at your station, Mr. Vice President”
At this point it seemed like my heart was beating so fast it began to skip. There was a feeling of blanking out, but at this point I didn’t need to think about the words, they just rolled out of my mouth.

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