Learning A Whole New Language Essay

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As a child, my parents taught me my native language, Spanish, by reading books to me any chance they had. At the age of 8, when I had the opportunity I would bring home a variety of books from school eager to read them and learn new words. I spent a great amount of time reading that I eventually decided to move into short novels. This helped me improve so much that I never had trouble speaking Spanish. I specifically remember in our small class of 15 students, me speaking Spanish more fluently than any of my other classmates, which made me so proud of myself. This soon changed when I began second grade in the fall of 2006. What I recall the most of that year is my experience of learning a whole new language which was English. The first few weeks of …show more content…
Later we began learning more about structuring and writing full sentences. I was annoyed and I didn’t like that fact that I had to learn a whole new language when I already knew Spanish. That night after school I went home a little frustrated, I don’t know if it was because I found it more challenging than my classmates or the fact that my teacher was making me learn a whole new language. I even asked my parents what was so important about learning another language if my vocabulary was much more extensive in Spanish, it was the language in which I’ve done most of my reading and writing. They told me that it’s crucial for me to learn English because it’s obviously the most widely spoken language in the world. Time passed and our teacher would eventually have new lessons everyday so we could improve on our English. I saw how everybody else progressed while on the other hand I stayed behind, sometimes clueless of what was going on. Back then I was a quiet and shy kid that was too embarrassed to ask for help, I thought I could learn everything by myself. One of our greatest assignments was to write a short story about ourselves and present it in front of the whole

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