My Experience In Cooking Essay

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Once at school, I passed by the laboratory and recognized the smell of our traditional food that came from the kitchen. A cook had come for tutoring sessions for students who liked to attend for three months once a week, two hours a day; I had to check myself in.
Our school kitchen provides us with ovens for grilling and baking, stoves, and fridges. I was very stoked to show the cook my abilities in cooking. The first week, it was soups week. Each group took their table and started cooking, After an hour, the scent of the spices and vegetables started roaming around the school hallways. Everyone came and complimented the scent.
At the first session, a multitude of girls attended, but the cook herself had not accepted that number of students
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My grandmother says that when a girl is a bride to be, she has to eat a lot of tomatoes because it helps with smoothing and purifying the skin. Eating fast food may lead to fatigue and laziness.

On midterms weeks, I sometimes rely on tomatoes to protect myself from getting under eye circles or puffiness, I spend a lot of time snacking on homemade food, like salads and grilled fish, etc., and feel a tremendous change in body, I feel active, hyper and productive when I eat home-made than junk food.
Quite the contrary, when eating fast food, we’re forced to eat it when we’re outside the country or having a party. But I personally think that we should be careful and aware of what’s going on in our body, and work a little harder on what we cook.

Back in the days, fruits weren’t always available, but people had dates; they made different types of deserts out of dates, and they snacked on them through traveling and
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Some are available inside the country, and others can be imported. Nowadays, you can find all kinds of dates everywhere and anywhere.

Until this day, we still make deserts out of dates. You can dip it in chocolate or caramel syrup, leave it in the fridge until the syrup is coherent, it’s delicious no matter what it was coated with. My favorite desert out of dates is maamoul. It’s basically mashed dates with seeds taken out and covered with sesame seeds.

Purchasing dates with pecan or nuts instead of the seed can be quite expensive although making it is very simple and easy, so buying dates from shops isn’t necessary.


Maamoul with

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