Essay on My Experience During The Nursing Home

1482 Words Nov 7th, 2016 6 Pages
Elderly people have always held a special place in my heart, so I wanted to do my field work in a nearby nursing home that I had never visited. I set out to learn about the quality of life that elderly people had in the nursing home and what contributed to that quality, either good or bad. I called ahead to get permission to do this assignment and get access to various areas of the building. I did not give a specific time or day so that I could ensure as natural setting as possible with no special accommodations from the home. I was allowed to make my observations in various parts of the building such as the lobby, lunchroom, and activities room. This paper will describe my experience and how I viewed the care, interaction, and quality of life the residents endured.
I walked into a medium sized, ranch style, brick building with automatic sliding doors. I entered a large lobby with beige walls that had a flower-patterned wallpaper strip running horizontally in the middle of the wall. This pattern surrounded the lobby and ran all the way down the hallway accompanied by white linoleum flooring. The lighting was very fluorescent and not very bright. To my left was a card table with a sign-in book for guests to sign and list who they were visiting. There were two signatures. To my right was an open room with a few Halloween decorations on the windows, four, brown living room style chairs surrounding a wooden coffee table, and a brown, leather couch near a window for people…

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