My Experience At The United States Of America Essay

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When my parents first moved to the United States of America, they did not have much money, nor did they have a proper college education to assist them when they were looking for a job. During the start of their transition to this country, they have faced a great amount of obstacles. After months of living an excruciating lifestyle in this foreign country, they were about to give up and return back to their homeland before their fortune had changed. My parents came to the United States for one main motive, to give me the opportunity of having a well enlighten education. They wanted me to live my life without the hardships they once had. Making a journey, thousands of miles from their home, with numerous scarifies, they wanted for me to grow up in a proper environment where I may receive a prosperous education. The only thing they asked from me was to not let my moment go to waste; we were blessed with a chance to live a new lifestyle. They informed me under many occasions that I was given a chance to live a life without the struggles they faced, acquire knowledge from a superior education system, and grow up in an environment filled with opportunities. However, by my sophomore year of high school, I realized that I was failing them. It had been nine weeks of school and all of my friends and colleagues were trilled to know their GPA and class rank. However, I was very anxious to know about my academic performance during the preceding year. As soon as I looked at my report…

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