My Experience At The Resort Essay

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After stepping off the plane in Cancun, Mexico after a four-hour flight from Fargo, ND where the temperature that morning was 10 degrees below zero, I knew I made the right decision. I could smell the fresh air and feel the breeze from the ocean once I stepped outside into the Mexican sunshine. As we waited for the van that was to take us to our resort I knew this was going to be one my greatest experiences so far in life.

The ride to the resort was a short one, only 20 minutes down the main highway that leads from Cancun all the way to the southern border with Belize. Our driver, who told us to call him Kung Fu Panda for some reason, was very entertaining. He gave us a quick background on Mayan culture and let us know that our resort was one of the top 3 on the Mexican Riviera. This immediately allayed any fears I had about the resort and instantly put my mind at ease. Finally, we pulled up to the front gates of the resort and I could almost feel the stress leave my body as we pulled through the gatehouse. As we came to a stop, a friendly gentleman opened the door and offered us a cool towel and a glass of champagne to help offset the warm, humid day. After taking our bags out of the van, he had another porter lead us through the large wooden front doors to the lobby. Once I entered, I knew right then I would never want to leave.

After completing the mundane task of getting checked in and shown to our room, it was time to head down to the beach. It had been 30 years…

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