Essay My Experience At The Korean Army

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I never thought about what it means to find myself or to know myself until I joined the Korean Army. I had so much time to self-reflect, yet not enough people to share my thoughts and feelings, so I thought that I can’t find myself there. Right after I was discharged, I went on a pilgrimage in Spain called Camino de Santiago, where I walked for eight to ten hours a day for a month and a half. I walked 600 miles, hoping to find myself, and the meaning of my life. Although I learned a lot from the pilgrimage, I couldn’t find what I hoped to find. I attributed my failure to not having enough physical challenge, so went on another trip to Himalayan region, hoping that I would find something there. From the mountains, I got nothing but some great pictures and knee infection. After spending all of my money that I saved in the army, I came back to school, feeling defeated and discouraged.
When I was about to give up on active searching, I learned about the Korean Buddhist monastery that I can stay over the summer, and so I went. There, I learned that searching for the meaning of my life is meaningless, and that finding myself would take some time. As I was leaving the monastery, I felt confident that I know which direction that I needed to go. However, soon I realized that it doesn’t take too much to forget about lessons that I learned. Days went by without practicing or putting an effort to get to know myself, and I felt lost again. I know that I felt lost about this time of last…

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