Essay about My Experience At The Harn Museum Of The Arts Festival

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Artistically speaking, I have never been very affluent. There was never much involvement of art in my early life, my parents were busy blue-collar workers and often saw art as a shiny unnecessity. As I grew though, I often found myself drawn to the artistic talents of others, slightly green with jealousy because of my own lack of abilities. Naturally I made peace with this, and now I am drawn to all sorts of exhibitions and artistic expressions.
Given that I had just recently visited the Harn Museum of the Arts, and I did a very thorough walk through, I decided to broaden my horizons with this project. I had originally planned to visit a museum outside of town, but then I saw an advertisement for the Spring Arts Festival here in Downtown Gainesville and I made the decision to spend as much time at the festival as I could. I took the time off of work and made the arrangements to visit the festival, though I had some wary feelings that I would not experience the festival as I needed to. Spanning several blocks, the Spring Arts Festival was very busy right from the start. Not necessarily crowded, the streets were packed with individuals trying to soak up all there was to offer. On first impression, the festival was not what I had imagined. I had created this scenario in my head where the festival was going to be very stereotypic: I had hypothesized that there would be a lot of chaos and loose structure with art in the midst. Though I had a clear definition in my head of what I…

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