Essay about My Experience At The Burj Al Arab

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I. It’s my birthday, my spouse wouldn’t tell where we are going. It’s a surprise!
A. Anxiously, I can’t compose myself.
1. All my bags are packed, and ready to go without my help.
2. Private jet, I’m blindfolded all the way to our destination.
a. Time before I’ve mentioned places I wouldn’t mind vacationing.
3. After all it is mid-summer, hot and beautiful climate. Whatever it is, it’s very intriguing.
II. Vacation.
A. Before he went above and beyond but never this astonishing.
1. He’d left a note on the bed for a scavenger hunt for our proposal, but this is different.
III. On the other hand, I’m just imagining one day my husband will swept me off my feet and take me to my dream vacation place in Dubai at The Burj Al Arab.
A. Why Burj Al Arab, it’s just a hotel most of you may be saying.
B. It’s not just a Hotel. It is known to be the world 3rd tallest hotel.
1. The Burj Al Arab is 1053 ft. shape of a sailboat.
2. Probably wondering a sailboat? What is the significance?
3. When you think of vacationing, you think of fun times, trip and over-the-top yachting
IV. Burj Al Arab was designed by Tom Wright an architecture from Atkins. Back in 1993 Wright came up with the idea to build this iconic place that represents Dubai and hospitality. It was made to be excessive and extra. (Let’s talk about the extravagant Burj Al Arab.)
I. Burj Al Arab construction began in 1994 on the man-made island including over…

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