Essay on My Experience At The Belgium Elementary School

703 Words May 9th, 2016 3 Pages
I completed my ten practicum hours at the Belgium Elementary School in a first grade classroom. The pre-conceptions I had before completing my Special Education 351 course and my practicum hours, included that students with exceptionalities were incorporated in the classroom limitedly. I expected to there by more boys with special needs in the class than girls. More so, I assumed that there was not a great deal of students with exceptionalities in the lower grades present in the general education classroom. The past experience I have with working with students with exceptionalities includes working in a special education classroom with both high school and middle school aged students; however, this experience did not prepare me for the inclusion in a general education classroom. This new experience and completing my Special Education 351 course has displayed to me that there are many lessons, concepts, and strategies that I can incorporate into my general education classroom to help students with special needs in my classroom to achieve success.
The first strategy that I learned to incorporate into my classroom when teaching students with exceptionalities is placing a visual daily schedule on the board. This helps students create a routine, prepare for the day, and understand the schedule without reading it. My host teacher, Mrs. Schmitt, incorporated a daily schedule and a group list, separated by colors, on her board every day. In addition to the schedule on the board, a…

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