Reflective Essay On Education Plan

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I have earned a degree in Early childhood education and an Interventional Specialist from Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio. My education has offered me many valuable experiences working in classrooms. I have knowledge in lesson planning and classroom instruction. I have worked with children one on one, small group and whole class settings. I have obtained multiple licenses to show that I am prepared for the classroom. As a special education teacher, I believe it is important for me to help students attain individual learning goals. The knowledge I want each student to attain will vary based on their grade level, ability and achievement level, as well as the goals set forth in each student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP). …show more content…
The education department has had me plan and execute many lesson plans for classroom experience. This involvement has allowed me to learn first hand the importance of a good lesson plan. Planning for content and instruction is an important aspect in teaching. I always try to prepare myself in advance for the next day. As an Intervention specialist my day will vary from working with different students and in different settings throughout the course of the day, so good planning is essential. Doing this is simple when you have a plan of the semester set in place and then plan in detail for the upcoming weeks. This allows me to be timely and not to feel rushed or disorganized. I believe that I understand how good planning equips me to be my best in the classroom. Planning for the classroom is an important part of educating and behavior management. Planning for the an inclusion classroom is also important. Students with a wide range of academic abilities and behavioral needs are represented in an inclusion classrooms. With that being said educators need to plan for diverse students and diverse learners.
There are many thing that need to be prepared in a classroom, such as lesson plans, behavior management, a routine, classroom layout and technology use. Proper classroom planning will help with being organized and on track with teaching, thus allowing more time to teaching and managing issues less. As an Intervention specialist I will have to collaborate and plan with a general education teacher in some cases. Lesson planning is at the heart of being an effective teacher. It is a creative process that allows us to use the knowledge of the students and the curriculum to create a learning

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