Essay on My Experience At Our Office

986 Words Apr 23rd, 2016 4 Pages
I am writing in regards to our conversation we had while you were recently visiting our office. As you saw firsthand, our office is becoming more busy by the day. Word of mouth and news on the great patient care we give has opened our doors to many new opportunities and people to help. With that comes more stress on staff and demand for time. You were witness to a typical day for us now. You saw how we are impacting our patient’s and how thankful they are that we are here to help them. It is a great pleasure to tell someone I work for our company. However, lately I have found that I am not able to focus my time on things that I should be focusing on. I am not able to give the patient’s my full attention at times and tasks seem to pile up. We spoke about staffing while you were visiting. I was humbled when you told me how good of a job I was doing and that you were amazed at how well I organized and preformed my tasks. You stated that you saw firsthand that we were spread thin with our staff and that we needed more help. It is to my knowledge though that there are no actions set in place to follow through with this statement. I am concerned that if we continue to travel the road we are on and we do not receive any more staff to accommodate these demands, that mistakes are bound to be made and patient satisfaction will decrease, thus resulting in legal action or decrease in referrals for new patients. Quality patient care and nurse turnover are directly…

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