Essay about My Experience At High School

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Every people have their own moments that they change the surface of their body based on their preference, events, religion, or family. I also have my own moment that I have altered the surface of my body for better life, actually for revenge. Until I became the senior in high school, I didn’t put my much effort to change my body because I was a kind of lazy person, and I didn’t care for my appearance at all. However, there was an opportunity why I decided to change my surfaces. Very fortunately, this opportunity could change my whole life, and even it still has a good implication for me to care myself.
During the high school year, I had a one girl whom I really loved her so much before I tried to ask her out for the senior prom. When I first met her at my high school in California was my first day of freshman year. During the first orientation in the school, I was just one foreign student who didn’t know about English and what was going on in the orientation. While my body was trembling with anxiety, a one girl who looked Korean came to me and said hello to me in English. Even though I didn’t know much English, I could understand what she said, so I also said hello and asked her where she came from. Luckily, as I guessed where she came from, she said that she came from Korea, and she had been in California for 2 years. I was very happy to see other Korean in this foreign land. Since we were same age, and we had same class schedules until we became the senior, we could be…

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